Scripture Verse

O sing unto the Lord a new song; for He hath done marvelous things: His right hand, and His holy arm, hath gotten Him the victory. Psalm 98:1


William Goode

Words: Will­iam Goode (1762–1816). Ap­peared in An En­tire New Ver­sion of the Book of Psalms (Lon­don: print­ed for the au­thor, 1816), third ed­i­tion, 1816, pag­es 301–02.

Note: The orig­in­al text has no re­frain, and no re­peat in pen­ul­ti­mate line of each stan­za. To sing the orig­in­al text, use a tune in 87.87.47 me­ter, such as Be­ne­dic­tion (Mann), Co­ro­nae or Kelveden.

Music: Arnville Lo­well Ma­son, Car­mi­na Sac­ra (Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts: John H. Wil­kins & Ri­chard B. Car­ter, 1844) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tunes:

Lowell Mason


Songs anew of honor framing,
Sing ye to the Lord alone;
All His wondrous works proclaiming,
Jesus wondrous works hath done!
Glorious victory, glorious victory,
His right hand and arm have won.


Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

Now He bids his great salvation
Through the heathen lands be told;
Tidings spread through every nation,
And His acts of grace unfold.
All the heathen, all the heathen
Shall His righteousness behold.


Shout aloud, and hail the Savior;
Jesus, Lord of all proclaim!
As ye triumph in His favor,
All ye lands declare His fame.
Loud rejoicing, loud rejoicing,
Shout the honors of His name!


With the harps sweet notes combining,
Psalms of endless honors sing;
Loud the silver trumpet joining;
And the sounding cornet bring;
Hail the Savior, hail the Savior,
Let His Church adore their king.


Let the sea, its billows roaring,
Pour its fullness at His feet:
Nature prostrate; all adoring,
Let His works before Him meet:
All ye nations, all ye nations,
Worship; and the Savior greet.


Let the noisy floods ascending
Clap their joyful hands on high;
Lofty hills, your summits bending.
While the Savior bends the sky;
Bow before Him, bow before Him,
Lo! th ’incarnate God is nigh.


O’er the earth our Jesus reigning!
Shall His Church with grace uphold;
But again, His pow’r maintaining,
See the Judge the heav’ns unfold
All the nations, all the nations
Shall His righteousness behold!