The exceeding riches of His grace.@Ephesians 2:7
Arthur W. McKee

Paul Rader, 1916.

Arthur W. McKee (🔊 pdf nwc).

Paul Rader (1878–1938)

The river of Thy grace is flowing free,
We launch upon its depths to sail to Thee;
In the ocean of Thy love we soon shall be,
We are sailing to eternity.


Earthly joys cannot compare with all the glory,
When our longing eyes shall see Thy face;
We shall have Thy fellowship forever,
In the splendor of the throne of grace.

The breezes of Thy love are blowing free,
They tell Thy love to all humanity;
They are singing of the blood of Calvary,
Making white through all eternity.


Thy Spirit calls to all, Come home today;
Come back and find the Savior while you may;
Find that Jesus is the life, the truth, the way,
Leading, guiding to eternity.