Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.@Luke 2:14
James W. Boulding (1841-1929)

J. Wimsett Boulding, in Christmas Carols, by James M. McLaughlin (Boston, Massachusetts: Ginn and Company, 1915), number 3.

Cape Hatteras James H. Wallis (🔊 pdf nwc).

James H. Wallis (1861-1940)

Ring out, ye bells, your music tells
Once again the story
Of that sweet Child, who, undefiled,
Came from realms of glory;
Ring in the King who comes to bring
The reign of God on earth,
A world of peace and righteousness,
The old world’s second birth.

Ring in the star that shines from far
God’s own light bestowing;
No other light can break our night,
Heav’n’s own dawn foreshowing;
It turns above with God’s dear love,
A love that naught can dim,
’Twill burn and shine, that light divine,
Till all are drawn to Him.

Ring on, ye bells, your music tells
Human love is growing;
That strifes will cease, and tides of peace
Up the world come flowing:
Ring in that sea of harmony,
That flood of human love,
O’er whose still breast once more will rest
The Spirit like a dove.

What though your spells, ye Christmas bells,
Ages have been ringing,
And angels bright through sin’s long night,
Christmas carols singing;
Still ring your chime, till every clime
Has heard the angel throng,
And every sound is lost and drowned
In their eternal song.