I am the bright and morning star.@Revelation 22:16

Philip P. Bliss, Sunshine for Sunday Schools (Cincinnati, Ohio & Chicago, Illinois: John Church/George F. Root & Sons, 1873), number 68 (🔊 pdf nwc).

On one occasion the vessel on which [Dwight L.] Moody was returning from Europe, accompanied by his oldest son, was disabled by the breaking of a propelling shaft. Mrs. Moody was at my home in Brooklyn, waiting to receive them on their arrival. Day after day passed without word from the steamer, and Mrs. Moody became almost frantic with anxiety. At last I received this cable dispatch from Mr. Moody: Saved, thank God. I learned afterwards that the people gathered around him and begged him to pray for their deliverance. Several infidels on board, who had been making light of Mr. Moody’s work, were found kneeling at his side, and through the earnestness of his prayers and divine help they were led to Christ.

Sankey, p. 222

We watched the wreck with great anxiety. The life-boat had been out some hours, but could not reach the vessel through the great vessels that raged and foamed on the sand-bank. The boat appeared to be leaving the crew to perish. But in a few minutes the Captain and sixteen sailors were taken off, and the vessel went down.

When the life-boat came to you, did you expect it had brought some tools to repair your old ship? I said.

Oh no, she was a total wreck. Two of her masts were gone, and if we had stayed mending her only a few minutes, we must have gone down, sir.

When once off the old wreck and safe in the life-boat, what remained for you to do?

Nothing, sir, but just to pull for the shore.

Whittle, p. 133

Philip P. Bliss (1838–1876)

Light in the darkness, sailor, day is at hand!
See o’er the foaming billows fair haven’s land,
Drear was the voyage, sailor, now almost o’er,
Safe within the life boat, sailor, pull for the shore.


Pull for the shore, sailor, pull for the shore!
Heed not the rolling waves, but bend to the oar;
Safe in the life boat, sailor, cling to self no more!
Leave the poor old stranded wreck, and pull for the shore.

Trust in the life boat, sailor, all else will fail,
Stronger the surges dash and fiercer the gale,
Heed not the stormy winds, though loudly they roar;
Watch the bright and morning Star, and pull for the shore!


Bright gleams the morning, sailor, uplift the eye;
Clouds and darkness disappearing, glory is nigh!
Safe in the life boat, sailor, sing evermore;
Glory, glory, hallelujah! pull for the shore.