For ye were as sheep going astray.@1 Peter 2:25
Avis M. Christiansen (1895–1985)

Av­is M. Chris­tian­sen, 1918.

Wen­dell P. Love­less (🔊 pdf nwc).

Wendell P. Loveless (1892–1987)

I was straying when Christ found me
In the night so dark and cold;
Tenderly His arm went round me,
And He bore me to His fold.


Precious hiding place,
Precious hiding place,
In the shelter of His love;
Not a doubt or fear,
Since my Lord is near,
And I’m sheltered in His love.

With His nail-scarred hand He bro’t me
To the shelter of His love;
Of His grace and will He taught me,
And of heav’nly rest above.


Tho’ the night be dark around me,
I am safe, for He is near;
Never shall my foes confound me,
While the Savior’s voice I hear.