Sir, we would see Jesus.@John 12:21
Robert E. W. Cottrill (1941–)

Robert E. W. Cottrill, circa 1975.

Fair Havens Robert E. W. Cottrill, circa 1975 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Cottrill wrote this hymn at the Fair Havens Christian camp near Beaverton, Ontario, Canada. At the camp entrance was a sign that said Sirs, we would see Jesus. The other side of the sign, visible on departure, read, We beheld His glory. The sign, based on John 12:21 and John 1:14, inspired the lyrics for this hymn.

Here we would see Jesus, wearied with the journey,
We turn again to be renewed and know His touch of pow’r.
Yes, we would see Jesus thru the Scriptures shining;
Lord, lift the veil of earthly sense and meet us in this hour.

We beheld His glory, thus when homeward wending,
Our hearts will echo with the chorus of redeeming love.
We beheld His glory, and go forth to serve Him,
Till faith gives way to joyous sight in mansions up above.