Praise and extol and honor the King of Heaven.@Daniel 4:37

William C. Ball, in The Methodist Sunday School Hymnal, edited by John R. Van Pelt & Peter C. Lutkin (New York: Eaton & Mains, 1911), number 34, alt.

Padang Frank M. Jeffery (🔊 pdf nwc).

Praise the King of Heaven, call upon His name;
Praise Him for His mercy, evermore the same.
Infinite His wisdom, wonderful His might;
Safely He protecteth all who walk aright.

Praise the King of Heaven, magnify His grace;
He is bending o’er us, kindness in His face.
Faithful is His mercy, high as Heaven above;
Wider than creation is Jehovah’s love.

Praise the King of Heaven; full of pity He—
Like a father, knowing our infirmity.
Fear not to approach Him and His succor claim;
Surely He will aid us, who hath built our frame.

Praise the King of Heaven, angels in the height;
All who do His bidding, now with us unite.
Through His great dominion let the anthem roll;
Praise Him now and always; praise Him, every soul.