The mighty God…the Prince of Peace.@Isaiah 9:6
Mary S. B. D. Shindler (1810-1883)

Appeared in the Church of England Magazine, March 3, 1858. Variously attributed to Mary Ann Serrett Barber (1801-84) or Mary S. B. Shindler (1810-83).

Aletta William B. Bradbury, Jubilee (New York: 1858) (🔊 pdf nwc).

William B. Bradbury (1816-1868)

Prince of Peace, control my will;
Bid the struggling heart be still;
Bid my fears and doubtings cease,
Hush my spirit into peace.

Thou hast bought me with Thy blood,
Opened wide the gate to God;
Peace I ask, but peace must be,
Lord, in being one with Thee.

May Thy will, not mine, be done;
May Thy will and mine be one;
Chase these doubtings from my heart,
Now Thy perfect peace impart.

Savior, at Thy feet I fall,
Thou my life, my God, my all;
Let Thy happy servant be
One forevermore with Thee!