Praise ye the Lord.@Psalm 106:1
Theodore F. Seward (1835–1902)

Fanny Crosby, 1895.

Theodore F. Seward (🔊 pdf nwc).

Fanny Crosby (1820–1915)

Praise our creator and Savior eternal,
Him who redeemed us from death and the grave;
Sing of His greatness, O hail and adore Him,
Strong to deliver, and mighty to save.


Praise Him, praise Him,
Glory in the highest unto Him ascribing;
Praise Him, praise Him,
Blessèd be His name, our Lord and king!

Praise our creator and gracious defender,
Rock where in safety we still may abide;
He is our shepherd, how gently He leads us,
Where in the valley the cool waters glide.


Praise our creator, the fountain of goodness,
Now in His grandeur exalted above;
Rest in His mercy and trust in His promise,
Ever to keep us, upheld by His love.