…a still small voice.@1 Kings 19:12
Franz J. Haydn (1732–1809)

Lydia W. Baldwin, in Song-Hymnal of Praise and Joy (Jackson, Minnesota: Pluma M. Brown, 1897), number 412.

Brownwell Franz J. Haydn (1732–1809) (🔊 pdf nwc).

O Christ divine, uplift my sight,
That I my nobler self may see;
Give strength to the clear, inner light
In which my soul doth worship Thee!
The still small voice I wait to hear,
Thrill deep the silence, sweet and clear.

Attune my feeble, wandering thought,
That eager service it may yield;
On ever swifter pinions brought,
To labor in a vaster field;
To all humanity I’d bring
The treasure of Thy love, my king!

Refine and elevate my faith
To feel Thee in the smallest things;
O Love supreme! what finite breath
Speaks joy that from Thy great heart springs;
This heavenly river of delight
Flows not beyond our inner sight.

I crave the largeness of Thy peace,
Which comforteth our earthly state;
One note to sound and never cease,
One will to do, early and late;
Give me, dear Lord, swift eagerness,
My lowly, common way to bless.