Israel and…Judah, from Dan even to Beersheba.@2 Samuel 3:10

C. W. Ross, in Song and Study for God’s Little Ones, edited by Bertha F. Vella (Chicago, Illinois: Robert R. McCabe, 1894), pages 104–05. This song is used to teach Sunday school students the geography of the Holy Land. It was published with this note: Bible Geography is made very attractive by having the map of Palestine drawn upon the blackboard by one or more pupils, together or in turn, in time with the singing done by the class.

Arranged from Alexander Zarnock (🔊 pdf nwc).

First the line on coast we make;
Merom next, a marshy lake;
Then the Sea of Galilee,
Exactly west of Carmel, see.
The Jordan river flows thro’ both
To the Dead Sea on the south;
And the Great Sea westward lies
Stretching far as sunset skies.

Looking northward you may view
Lebanon and Hermon, too;
Carmel and Gilboa grim,
Tabor, Ebal, Gerizim.
Near Jerusalem we see
Olivet and Calvary.
Judea’s hills rise south and west
Of lonely Nebo’s lowering crest.

On Zion stands Jerusalem;
Six miles south is Bethlehem;
On Olive’s slopes is Bethany,
Bethabara by Jordan see.
Our Savior drank at Sychar’s well;
Of boyhood days let Nazareth tell;
At Cana water turned to wine,
Showed our Lord to be divine.

Capernaum by Galilee,
Near its twin Bethsaida see;
Cæsarea Phillippi
At Hermon’s base is seen to lie;
Along the coast these three appear,
Gaza, Joppa, Cæsarea;
South to Bethel we may go,
To Hebron next and Jericho.

From heathen Tyre materials came
To build a temple to God’s name;
The sorrowing widow’s son at Nain
Jesus raised to life again.
See Dan, where Jordan’s waters rise,
Beersheba nearer tropic skies;
North and south these cities stand,
And mark the length of Israel’s land.