My Spirit shall not always strive with man.@Genesis 6:3
Henry L. Gilmour (1836–1920)

Virginia W. Moyer, in Songs of Love and Praise No. 2, by Henry Gilmour et al. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: John J. Hood, 1895), number 122.

Henry L. Gilmour (🔊 pdf nwc).

When urging an exceedingly wicked man to flee from the wrath to come, I was met by this statement: I was brought up to honor God, and I have ended by hating him; I have blasphemed his name, and resisted his Spirit until I can no longer repent or believe; if there is a dead-line to God’s grace I have drifted over it, and am lost.

W. G. M.

O brother, the Savior is calling for thee,
Long, long has He called thee in vain;
He called thee when joy lent its crown to thy days,
He called thee in sorrow and pain.


O turn, while the Savior in mercy is waiting,
And steer for the harbor light;
For how do you know but your soul may be drifting
Over the dead-line tonight?

O brother, thine ears have been deaf to His voice,
Thine eyes to His glory been dim;
The calls of thy Savior have so wearied thee,
O what if they should weary Him?


O brother, the Spirit is striving with thee;
What if He should strive never more,
But leave thee alone, in thy darkness to dwell,
In sight of the heavenly shore?


O brother, God’s patience may weary some day,
And leave thy sad soul in the blast;
By willful resistance you’ve drifted away,
Over the dead-line at last.