The light shineth in darkness.@John 1:5

Frederick D. Ogilby, in The Sunday School Chant and Tune Book (Boston, Massachusetts: E. P. Dutton, 1866), pages 138–39.

Henry S. Cutler (🔊 pdf nwc).

Henry S. Cutler (1825–1902)

Our Christmas tree is decked once more,
In joy we meet around;
It tells of brighter things in store;
Let sounds of praise resound.


The Christmas tree is an evergreen,
It blooms when frost and snow are seen;
The Christmas tree is for ever bright,
It shines with everlasting light.

Our Christmas tree is fresh and green,
While skies are cold and drear;
Its harvest store of fruit is seen,
When winter blights the year.


Our Christmas tree is shining bright,
While evening shades surround;
Thus God doth give His children light,
When darkness falls around.