Tell them, thus saith the Lord God.@Ezekiel 3:11

A. C. Woodruff, 1893 (🔊 pdf nwc).

O tell me that beautiful story,
Of Jesus, His work and His word;
O tell me that beautiful story,
Much sweeter than mortal e’er heard;
Sing me the song of redemption,
Sing of that city of gold;
O sing till my soul to the music
Of sweet love’s redeeming unfold.


O talk to me, sing to me, teach me,
I must hear it again and again;
Till my life is hid with the blessèd,
Till for me it is Yea and Amen.

O teach me the way of the Master,
O show me the pathway to trace;
My feet in the vale have grown weary,
So far from the beautiful place;
Sing of the way that He walked in,
As an example for me;
The lessons He taught in Judea,
In Cana and sweet Galilee.