His only begotten Son.@John 3:16

Elisabethe V. Cruciger, in Eyn Enchiridion (Erfurt, Germany: 1524) (Herr Christ, der enig Gotts Sohn); translated from German to English by Arthur T. Russell, Psalms and Hymns, 1851, alt.

Gud Faders composer unknown (Erfurt, Germany, 1524) (🔊 pdf nwc).

The only Son from Heaven,
Foretold by ancient seers,
By God, the Father, given,
In human shape appears;
No sphere His light confining,
No star so brightly shining
As He, our morning star.

O time of God appointed,
O bright and holy morn!
He comes, the king anointed,
The Christ, the virgin born;
His home on earth He maketh,
And man of Heaven partaketh,
Of life again an heir.

O Lord, our hearts awaken
To know and love Thee more,
In faith to stand unshaken,
In spirit to adore,
That we still heavenward hasting,
Yet here Thy joy foretasting,
May reap its fullness there.