Ye shall find the Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.@Luke 2:12
Adoration of the Shepherds
Gerard van Honthorst (1590–1656)

From a sequence by Marburne, Order of St. Benedict, Abbot of Livry, Fifteenth Century (O ter fecundas, O ter jucundas). Translated from Latin to English by John C. Earle, 1883. Appeared in Annus Sanctus, Volume I, edited by Orby Shipley (London & New York: Burns & Oates, 1884), pages 31–32.

York. Melody from the Scottish Psalter, 1615; harmony by John Milton (1562–1647) (🔊 pdf nwc).

O night of nights, supreme delights,
Thy watches charm and bless;
And joys of Heav’n, profusely giv’n,
Refresh earth’s wilderness.

The sad, sick world through Eve lies furled
In clouds of death and night;
But God doth rise in human guise
To be its life and light.

Whom angels own as God alone,
Is clothed by mortal hands;
In cattle stall, the Lord of all
Sleeps clasped in swathing bands.

In cradle laid, His voice is stayed,
Who is th’eternal Word:
The sun grows pale, his forces fail;
What means all we have heard?

O shaft of love, to God above
A rock hewn home is giv’n:
Farewell ye stars; hail, crib and bars;
A manger is my heaven.