Every one…when he looketh…shall live.@Numbers 21:8

William W. Rhoads, in Salvation Echoes (Alliance, Ohio: Ralph E. Hudson, 1882 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Brazen Serpent
James J. J. Tissot (1836–1902)

One look at the cross on Calvary’s mount,
Where Christ the Redeemer suffered and died,
Will satisfy all who look and abide—
Our Jesus was crucified.


One look at the cross on Calvary’s brow,
Will satisfy all; oh, look to it now!
One look at the cross, redemption will give!
Oh, look to it now! with joy and live!

One look at the cross sufficient will be
To save thee from sin, and set thy soul free;
The promise is: “Look, and only believe,
And mercy thou shalt receive.”


Then look at the cross, O burdened of soul!
Where floweth the blood and maketh thee whole;
That one look of faith to Calvary’s brow,
Will bring thee salvation now.