Delight thyself…in the Lord.@Psalm 37:4
John Ryland (1753-1825)

John Ryland, 1777. Appeared in A Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors, 1787, by John Rippon. Ryland said about these words, I recollect deeper feelings of mind in composing this hymn, than perhaps I ever felt in making any other.

Richmond (Haweis) Thomas Haweis, Carmina Christo 1792 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thomas Haweis (1734-1820)

O Lord, I will delight in Thee
And on Thy care depend,
To Thee in every trouble flee,
My best, my only Friend.

When all created streams are dried,
Thy fullness is the same;
May I with this be satisfied
And glory in Thy name.

No good in creatures can be found
But may be found in Thee;
I must have all things and abound
While God is God to me.

O Lord, I cast my care on Thee,
I triumph and adore;
Henceforth my great concern shall be
To love and please Thee more.