The King, the Lord of hosts.@Isaiah 6:5
Edward H. Plumptre (1821–1891)

Edward H. Plumptre. Written in May 1864, & published in his Lazarus and Other Poems, 1864.

Neumark Georg Neumark, 1641 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Georg Neumark (1621–1681)

O Lord of hosts, all Heaven possessing,
Behold us from Thy sapphire throne,
In doubt and darkness dimly guessing,
We might Thy glory half have known;
But Thou in Christ hast made us Thine,
And on us all Thy beauties shine.

Illumine all, disciples, teachers,
Thy law’s deep wonders to unfold;
With reverent hand let wisdom’s preachers
Bring forth their treasures, new and old;
Let oldest, youngest, find in Thee
Of truth and love the boundless sea.

Let faith still light the lamp of science,
And knowledge pass from truth to truth,
And wisdom, in its full reliance,
Renew the primal awe of youth;
So holier, wiser, may we grow,
As time’s swift currents onward flow.

Bind Thou our life in fullest union
With all Thy saints from sin set free;
Uphold us in that blest communion
Of all Thy saints on earth with Thee;
Keep Thou our souls, or there, or here,
In mightiest love, that casts out fear.