My beloved is mine, and I am his.@Song of Solomon 2:16

Vincent S. S. Coles, in the Appendix to Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1868.

Intercession Early Music for Church Choirs, 1853 (🔊 pdf nwc).

O Lamb of God, whose love divine
Draws virgin souls to follow Thee;
And bids them earthly joys resign
If so they may Thy beauty see;

The saint of whom we sing today
Was faithful to Thy loving call,
And, casting other hopes away,
Took Thee to be her God, her all.

To Thee she yielded up her will,
Her heart was drawn to Thine above;
Content if Thou wouldst deign to fill
Thine handmaid with Thy perfect love.

Beneath Thy cross she loved to stand,
Like Mary in Thy dying hour,
That blessings from Thy piercèd hand
Might clothe her with undying power;

With power to win the crown of light
For virgin souls laid up on high,
And ready keep her lamp at night
To hail the Bridegroom drawing nigh.

And surely Thou at last didst come
To end the sorrows of Thy bride,
And bear her to Thy peaceful home
With Thee for ever to abide.

All glory, Jesu, for the grace
That drew Thy saint to follow Thee;
Grant us too in Thy love a place
Both now and through eternity.