The blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords.@1 Timothy 6:15

John Quarles, Divine Meditations upon Several Subjects (London: 1655); adapted by Thomas Darling, 1857.

Leicester (Bishop) John Bishop (1655–1737) (πŸ”Š pdf nwc).

John Quarles (1624–1665)

O King of kings, before whose throne
The angels bow, no gift can we
Present that is indeed our own,
Since Heaven and earth belong to Thee;
Yet this our souls through grace impart,
The offering of a thankful heart.

O Jesu, set at God’s right hand,
With Thine eternal Father plead
For all Thy loyal-hearted band,
Who still on earth Thy succor need:
For them in weakness strength provide,
And through the world their footsteps guide.

O Holy Spirit, fount of breath,
Whose comforts never fail nor fade,
Vouchsafe the life that knows no death,
Vouchsafe the light that knows no shade;
And grant that we may through all our days
May share Thy gifts, and sing Thy praise.