Christ Jesus…being in very nature God…made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant.@Philippians 2:6–7

Anonymous, in the Church Hymn Book, edited by Paul Henkel (New Market, Virginia: Solomon Henkel, 1816), pages 27–28.

Maryland Alexander Zarnock (🔊 pdf nwc).

O King of Glory, David’s son!
Why hast Thou come and left Thy throne?
The curse and cross of man to bear
Brought Thee, O Prince of Glory, here!

Thy place of birth was Bethlehem,
The place was held in low esteem;
A place where none a king would seek:
None but the humble and the meek.

But yet Thy glory was made known,
And to the distant nations shown;
A strange, a glorious shining star
Brought those who sought Thee from afar.

The nations who desired to see
Thy face, are come to worship Thee;
Though they are heathens, yet they bring
Rich offerings unto Thee, their king.

But greater treasures than they brought
Such they in Thee their Savior sought:
Thy love to know, Thy grace to gain
Rewards them fully for their pain.

O happy where it is the case!
That sinners seek for saving grace;
Such treasures they with Thee shall find
Which proves their joy and peace of mind.

Though mighty kings and haughty foes
The progress of Thy word oppose:
Thy light shall shine from sea to shore,
Thy sun shall rise and set no more.

Thy kingdom and its righteousness
Affords eternal life and peace;
My offering, I to Thee will bring,
Grant me Thy treasures, O my king!