We have thought of Thy lovingkindness, O God.@Psalm 48:9
Frederick W. Faber (1814-1863)

Frederick W. Faber, Jesus and Mary 1849 and 1852; these are the first 5 of the original 11 stanzas.

Sawley James Walch, 1860 (🔊 pdf nwc).

O how the thought of God attracts
And draws the heart from earth
And sickens it of passing shows
And dissipating mirth!

’Tis not enough to save our souls,
To shun th’eternal fires;
The thought of God will rouse the heart
To more sublime desires.

God only is the creature’s home,
Though rough and strait the road;
Yet nothing less can satisfy
The love that longs for God.

O utter but the name of God,
Down in your heart of hearts,
And see from the world at once
All tempting light depart!

A trusting heart, a yearning eye,
Can win their way above,
If mountains can be moved by faith,
Is there less power in love?