Let all the angels of God worship Him.@Hebrews 1:6

J. Young, in the Am­er­i­can Bap­tist Psalm­ist, 1843, num­ber 952.

Aud­ley Hen­ry J. Gaunt­lett (🔊 pdf nwc).

Henry J. Gauntlett
© National Portrait Gallery

O holy Lord, our God,
By heav’nly hosts adored,
Hear us, we pray;
To Thee the cherubim,
Angels and seraphim,
Unceasing praises hymn,
Their homage pay.

Here give Thy Word success,
And this Thy servant bless,
His labors own;
And while the sinner’s Friend
His life and words commend,
The Holy Spirit send,
And make him known.

May every passing year
More happy still appear
Than this glad day;
With numbers fill the place,
Adorn Thy saints with grace,
Thy truth may all embrace,
O Lord, we pray.

O Lord, our God, arise;
And now, before our eyes,
Thy arm make bare;
Unite our hearts in love
Till, raised to Heav’n above,
We all its fullness prove,
And praise Thee there.