Joy comes in the morning.@Psalm 30:5

Anonymous, in The Methodist Hymnal (New York: Methodist Book Concern, 1905), number 474.

This hymn, which is not contained, so far as is known, in another Church collection, was found by a member of the Commission that compiled this Hymnal in the columns of a religious periodical, where it was published anonymously. When we think of how many good and useful hymns are of unknown authorship, there comes to mind the familiar couplet of Ellen H. Gates:

Though they may forget the singer,
They will not forget the song.

Nutter, p. 251

Plymouth Alfred G. Wathall, 1905 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Our highest joys succeed our griefs,
And peace is born of pain;
Smiles follow bitter blinding tears,
As sunshine follows rain.

We gain our rest through weariness,
From bitter draw the sweet:
Strength comes from weakness, hope from fear,
And victory from defeat.

We reap where we have sown the seed;
Gain is the fruit of loss;
Life springs from death and, at the end,
The crown succeeds the cross.