Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.@Psalm 33:12

Irving Maurer, 1912.

Brent Samuel Weekes, 1875 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Irving Maurer (1879–1942)

O God, hear Thou the nation’s prayer,
We lift our cause to Thee;
We wage the holy war of Christ;
We fight to make men free.

Give us to build our cities pure,
Salvation throned above,
To shelter lowly homes from ill,
And teach our hearts to love.
[originally, And tune our mills with love]

Give us to guide the alien feet,
To teach the brother’s way,
To save our motherhood from need;
To guard our children’s play.

May visions call and faith enflame,
And banish lust and greed;
O God, make Thou our home to be
[originally, Make Thou America to be]
A land of soulful deed.