The earth mourns and languishes.@Isaiah 33

Eliza C. Snell, in The Gospel Hymn Book, by Daniel B. Towner (Dayton, Ohio: Lorenz Publishing, 1903), number 103.

Peakhurst Edward M. Fuller, 1903 (🔊 pdf nwc).

O earth, thou shalt not languish
For aye, because of sin;
Thou shalt forget thine anguish
When Christ hath entered in.
Thy paradisal beauty
Shall be once more restored,
When all thy wide dominions
Are holy to the Lord.

Confusion and commotion
Heave now thy troubled breast,
Where thine eternal ocean
Moans in its long unrest.
But even as thou mournest
In thy captivity,
God’s hidden ones are seeking
To bring God’s peace to thee.

O earth, thy wound was mortal,
Dealt by the hand of sin;
But through thy open portal
Thy healer cometh in.
The knowledge of His glory,
In fullness as the sea,
Shall soon, with waves baptismal,
Surround and cover thee.