He is risen.@Matthew 28:6

J. Burtis White, in Revival Hymns, edited by Daniel Towner & Charles M. Alexander (Chicago, Illinois: The Bible Institute Colportage Association, 1905), number 163.

Lourdes Daniel B. Towner ( pdf nwc).

Daniel B. Towner (1850-1919)

O blessèd day when from the tomb,
The Son of Man in triumph rose!
Where darkness reigned, now shines the light
Of hope eternal, pure and bright.


O blessèd day, when I shall see
The risen Christ, who died for me,
And on that bright and peaceful shore
Rest in His love forevermore!

O blessèd day, when on the way
With His disciples Jesus walked!
Their saddened hearts within them burned
As to the Scriptures Jesus turned.


O blessèd day, in Bethany
When Christ ascended to His home!
Redemption’s wondrous work is done,
And lo, the Comforter has come!


Thrice blessèd day, when Jesus comes
To take His ransomed children home;
Ye saints of God, arise and sing
Hosannas to your Savior King!


The Resurrection
Carl H. Bloch (1834-1890)