Ye are My friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.@John 15:14

Henry J. M. Hope, 1852.

Oak Lowell Mason, 1854 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lowell Mason (1792–1872)

Now I have found a friend, Jesus is mine;
His love shall ever end, Jesus is mine:
Though earthly joys decrease,
Though earthly friendships cease,
Now I have lasting peace, Jesus is mine.

Though I grow poor and old, Jesus is mine;
Though I grow faint and cold, Jesus is mine:
He shall my wants supply,
His precious blood is nigh,
Naught can my hope destroy; Jesus is mine.

When death is sent to me, Jesus is mine;
Welcome eternity, Jesus is mine.
He my redemption is,
Wisdom and righteousness,
Life, light, and holiness, Jesus is mine.

When earth shall pass away, Jesus is mine;
In the great judgment day, Jesus is mine:
O what a glorious thing, then to behold my king,
On tuneful harp to sing, Jesus is mine.

Father, Thy name I bless, Jesus is mine;
Thine was the sovereign grace, praise shall be Thine;
Spirit of holiness,
Sealing the Father’s grace,
Thou mad’st my soul embrace Jesus as mine.