Thy will be done.@Matthew 6:10
John M. Hay (1838–1905)

John M. Hay, in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, October 1891.

Llangloffan, from Hymnau a Thonau, by Daniel S. Evans (London: Novello & Company, 1865) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Not in dumb resignation
We lift our hands on high;
Not like the nerveless fatalist
Content to trust and die;
Our faith springs like the eagle,
That soars to meet the sun;
And cries exultingly to Thee,
O Lord, Thy will be done!

Thy will! It strengthens weakness,
It bids the strong be just;
No lip to fawn, no hand to beg,
No brow to seek the dust;
Wherever man oppresses man
Beneath Thy liberal sun,
O Lord, be there,
Thine arm made bare,
Thy righteous will be done!