Scripture Verse

Ye are not your own, for ye are bought with a price. 1 Corinthians 6:19–20


Daniel W. Whittle

Words: Dan­i­el W. Whit­tle, 1878. Some hym­nals give the au­thor as El Na­than, one of Whit­tle’s pseu­do­nyms.

Music: James Mc­Gra­na­han (🔊 pdf nwc).

James McGranahan


Not my own, but saved by Jesus,
Who redeemed me by His blood,
Gladly I accept the message,
I belong to Christ the Lord.


Not my own! Oh, not my own!
Jesus, I belong to Thee!
All I have, and all I hope for,
Thine for all eternity.

Not my own! to Christ, my Savior,
I, believing, trust my soul;
Everything to Him committed,
While eternal ages roll.


Not my own! my time, my talent,
Freely all to Christ I bring,
To be used in joyful service
For the glory of my king.


Not my own! the Lord accepts me,
One among the ransomed throng,
Who in Heav’n shall see His glory,
And to Jesus Christ belong.