To live is Christ, and to die is gain.@Philippians 1:21
William W. Gilchrist (1846–1916)

H. A. César Malan, 1832 (Non, ce n’est pas mourir que d’aller vers son Dieu); translated from French to English by Robinson P. Dunn, 1852.

Wakefield William W. Gilchrist, 1895 (🔊 pdf nwc).

H. A. César Malan (1787–1864)

No, no, it is not dying
To go unto our God;
This gloomy earth forsaking,
Our journey homeward taking
Along the starry road.

No, no, it is not dying
Heaven’s citizen to be;
A crown immortal wearing,
And rest unbroken sharing,
From care and conflict free.

No, no it is not dying
To hear this gracious word,
Receive a Father’s blessing,
Forevermore possessing
The favor of thy Lord.

No, no it is not dying
The Shepherd’s voice to know:
His sheep He ever leadeth,
His peaceful flock He feedeth,
Where living pastures grow.

No, no it is not dying
To wear a lordly crown;
Among God’s people dwelling,
The glorious triumph swelling
Of Him whose sway we own.