We are journeying unto the place of which the Lord said, I will give it you.@Numbers 10:29

Lola L. Seelye, in Fairer Than Day (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: George C. Hugg, 1903), number 154.

V. Paul Jones (🔊 pdf nwc).

In Heaven’s fair portals they’re waiting for me,
Where sickness and sorrow are o’er;
Where hope’s brightest dream a fulfillment will find
On the bright, golden heavenly shore.


Nearing the homeland, fair haven of rest,
Joy for the sad ones who weep;
Our anchor we’ll cast, we’re nearing the port,
No more on the wild, restless deep.

We think of the rest, of the people of God,
That waits all the faithful and true;
Our travel-stained garments will there be exchanged
For a beautiful garment of new.


And there, face to face, our dear Savior we’ll meet,
The veil shall be taken away;
No night dims the brightness our eyes shall behold
In that land that is fairer than day.