The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.@Psalm 23:1

No­ble T. Beall, in Bright Beau­ti­ful Bells (Bir­ming­ham, Al­a­ba­ma: B. B. Beal, 1900), num­ber 52.

Deb­den Ben­ja­min B. Beall (🔊 pdf nwc).

Benjamin B. Beall (1874–1945)

My shepherd is the Lord,
He every want doth fill;
He leadeth me, He feedeth me,
Beside the waters still;
For His name’s glory He
Guides me in righteous ways,
Restores my soul when it grows cold,
Or in earth’s shadow strays.

Yea, tho’ thro’ death’s dark vale
I walk, I’ll lean on Thee,
Nor will I fear, for Thou art near,
Thy staff, it comforts me;
When foes press ’round me sore,
To starve my soul, O Lord!
Thou dost prepare with loving care
The table of Thy Word.

And Thy rich oil of grace
My head Thou’st poured upon;
My blessing cup hast Thou filled up,
Thy mercies to me shown;
Surely shall Thy goodness
And mercy fail me never,
And I shall dwell where glad songs swell
In my Lord’s house forever.