Scripture Verse

My spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. Luke 1:47


Words & Mu­sic: Charles M. Fill­more, 1902 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Charles M. Fillmore (1860–1952)


I’ve a Sav­ior, kind and tender,
I’ve a Sav­ior full of grace;
And a smile of win­ning sweet­ness
Ever beams upon His face:
In my heart’s shrine of af­fect­ion
He shall hold the high­est place.


How I love Him! How I love Him!
Since for me He bled and died;
How I love Him! Yes, I love Him
More than all the world be­side.

For my sake He came from Hea­ven
To this world of sin and shame;
Bore my guilt, tho’ He was guilt­less,
And tho’ blame­less, took my blame:
Can I ev­er cease to love Him,
And His good­ness to pro­claim?


Tho’ I’ve oft­en been un­wor­thy,
He has con­stant been, and true;
Tho’ I wronged Him, He for­gave me
When I would my vows re­new;
Tho’ I spurned Him, He with kind­ness
My re­bel­li­ous heart did woo.


I’ve a Sav­ior, kind and ten­der,
He would be your Sav­ior, too;
Will you not ac­cept the par­don
Which He free­ly of­fers you?
Take Him now as your Re­deem­er,
Earth has not a friend so true.