Scripture Verse

…carried by the angels. Luke 16:22


Words & Mu­sic: James D. Vaugh­an, 1904 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James D. Vaughan (1864–1941)


When I shall cross ov­er the dark roll­ing tide,
O what a glad meet­ing there’ll be,
For close by the beau­ti­ful pear­ly white gate,
My loved ones are wait­ing for me.


Waiting for me, they’re wait­ing for me,
O what a glad meet­ing ’twill be!
Waiting for me, they’re wait­ing for me,
My loved ones are wai­ting for me.

A dear, loving mo­ther now waits on that shore,
To clasp me again to her breast;
She left this world shout­ing the prais­es of God,
By an­gels was car­ried to rest.


Dear fa­ther and bro­thers and kin­dred have gone,
To dwell in that coun­try so fair;
And while I still lin­ger on time’s trou­bled shore,
They’re watch­ing and wait­ing up there.


I some­times get wea­ry and long to go home,
But all of my work is not done;
I’m glad I can la­bor for Je­sus, my Lord,
Till sounds the sweet mes­sage, Come home.