O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.@Psalm 57:7

Lavinia E. Brauff, in Make Christ King, edited by Edwin O. Excell & William E. Biederwolf (Chicago, Illinois: Glad Tidings Publishing, 1912), number 28.

William J. Ramsay (🔊 pdf nwc).

William J. Ramsay

My heart is fixed on Jesus,
The sun of all my thought;
What wondrous work of grace His love
Within my soul hath wrought!
He found me poor and helpless,
By every sin oppressed,
And died that I might be redeemed,
And have eternal rest.


My heart is fixed on Jesus,
No other hope have I;
I could not live without Him,
And without Him dare not die.

My heart is fixed on Jesus,
Without Him life is vain;
His promise is thro’ all my days
To comfort and sustain;
I love to hear Him whisper—
Be not afraid—’tis I!
As o’er the stormy sea I sail,
Beneath a clouded sky.


My heart is fixed on Jesus,
Since I to Him belong,
For every day He gives me hope,
For every night a song;
Thro’ trial and deep water
His promises are sweet;
And sheltered ’neath His wings of love
I find a safe retreat.