Come, Lord Jesus.@Revelation 22:20
Friedrich F. Flemming (1778–1813)

Katarina E. Posse (1818–1880).

Flemming Friedrich F. Flemming, 1811 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Katarina E. Posse (1818–1880)

Merciful Savior, come and be my comfort;
Vanish all idols in Thy holy presence;
Come and establish in my heart Thy kingdom;
Come, O Lord Jesus.

Come as the bridegroom to the bride belovèd,
Come Thou to strengthen faith and love and patience;
Be Thou a very present help in danger;
Come, O Lord Jesus.

Come in my pleasure, come to me in sorrow,
Come in the anguished hour of dire temptation,
Come and deliver me from sin and evil,
Come, O Lord Jesus.