Put your trust in the Lord.@Psalm 4:5

William A. Mühlenberg, 1825. Appeared in his Poems, 1859.

Yarmouth C. W. Bannister (1768–1831) (🔊 pdf nwc).

William A. Mühlenberg (1796–1877)

The mellow eve is gliding
Serenely down the west;
So, every care subsiding,
My soul would sink to rest.

The woodland hum is ringing
The daylight’s gentle close;
May angels round me, singing,
Thus hymn my last repose.

The evening star has lighted
Her crystal lamp on high;
So, when in death benighted,
May hope illume the sky.

In golden splendor dawning,
The morrow’s light shall break;
Oh, on the last bright morning,
May I in glory wake!