Scripture Verse

God Himself is with us for our captain. 2 Chronicles 13:12


Charles H. Gabriel

Words & Mu­sic: Charles H. Ga­bri­el, 1907 (🔊 pdf nwc).


Like an army we are moving
Steadily, and at command,
Thro’ a strange and hostile country,
To a better, brighter land;
Full equipped, courageous, loyal,
With the Gospel firmly shod,
We are marching on to glory,
To the city of our God.


With a firm determination,
And a trust that shall not wane,
For the King we have enlisted,
And are marching in His train;
Our song of joy is ever ringing,
While moving up the great highway
To a city bright, eternal,
In a land of cloudless day.

Many foes concealed about us,
Would invade our ranks today,
And with subtle agitation,
Seek to turn us from the way;
But our leader, on before us,
All their secret cunning knows,
And His wisdom is forever
Proof against the chief of foes.


In the light our banner gleaming,
Fills the heart with love and cheer,
And the voice of our Redeemer,
Quiets every doubt and fear;
Shoulder pressed to shoulder ever,
With a tramp, tramp, tramp we move,
Onward, upward to the city
Built for us thro’ Jesus’ love.