Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.@1 Corinthians 6:19
Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

Charles Wes­ley, Hymns for Children 1763, number 15.

The estimation in which [Wes­ley’s] compositions were held is indicated in a letter written by Mr. Thom­as Pearce, of Cam­el­ford, Corn­wall. To his daughter, at school, he writes:—Buy of Mr. Ev­ans Mr. Wes­ley’s Hymns for Children, and get them by heart: I will pay for the book and give you a penny for each hymn [you learn], which, I believe, will amount to nearly four shill­ings. Those hymns afforded much comfort to your sister Peg­gy, who is now in heaven.

Stevenson, p. 27

Am­ster­dam James Nar­es, in The Foun­de­ry Collection, 1742 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James Nares (1715–1783)

Maker, Savior of mankind,
Who hast on me bestowed,
An immortal soul, designed
To be the house of God:
Come, and now reside in me,
Never, never to remove;
Make me just and good, like Thee,
And full of power and love.

Bid in me Thine image rise,
A saint, a creature new;
True, and merciful, and wise,
And pure and happy, too;
This Thy primitive design,
That I should in Thee be blest;
Should within Thine arms divine,
For ever, ever rest.

Let Thy will in me be done;
Fulfill my heart’s desire,
Thee to know, and love alone,
And rise in raptures higher.
Thee descending on a cloud,
Till with ravished eyes I see;
Then shall I be filled with God
To all eternity.