You will not fear the terror of night.@Psalm 91:4–5
James T. Lightwood (1856–1944)

Annie Matheson, in The School Hymnal, by William Rawson Stevenson, 1889.

Lytham (Lightwood) James T. Lightwood (1850–1944) (🔊 pdf nwc). Lightwood composed this tune while organist at the Drive Methodist Church, St. Annes, England. He said the tune came to him while on a bicycle tour in the Lake District. It was first brought into use at the Drive Wesleyan Church in 1900.

Lord, when we have not any light,
And mothers are asleep;
Then through the stillness of the night,
Thy little children keep.

When shadows haunt the quiet room,
Help us to understand
That Thou art with us through the gloom,
To hold us by the hand.

And though we do not always see
The holy angels near,
O may we trust ourselves to Thee,
Nor have one foolish fear.

So in the morning may we wake,
When wakes the kindly sun,
More loving for our Father’s sake
To each unloving one.