The Lord hath been mindful of us: He will bless us.@Psalm 115:12
William Croft (1678–1727)

From The Psalter (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: United Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1912), number 309.

St. Anne William Croft, 1708 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Lord who has remembered us
His blessing will bestow;
All those who fear His holy name,
His loving care shall know.

For small and great who fear His name
The Lord has good in store;
Ye and your children, blest of God,
Shall prosper more and more.

The great Creator blesses you
With gifts of boundless worth;
The heavens He claims, but gives to man
Dominion in the earth.

The silent dead praise not the Lord,
The grave no song can raise;
But we will bless Him evermore,
Let all proclaim His praise.