I am the Light of the world.@John 8:12
Horatius Bonar

Ho­ra­ti­us Bo­nar, Hymns of Faith and Hope 1861.

Wil­ton Ar­thur H. Mann (1850–1929) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Arthur H. Mann

Light of the world! forever, ever shining,
There is no change in Thee;
True light of life, all joy and health enshrining,
Thou canst not fade nor flee.

Thou hast arisen, but Thou descendeth never;
Today shines as the past;
All that Thou wast Thou art and shalt be ever,
Brightness from first to last.

Night visits not Thy sky, nor storm, nor sadness;
Day fills up all its blue—
Unfailing beauty, and unfaltering gladness,
And lover forever new.

Light of the world! undimming and unsetting,
O shine each mist away;
Banish the fear, the falsehood, and the fretting;
Be our unchanging day.