The love of Christ, which passeth knowledge.@Ephesians 3:19
Peter P. Bilhorn (1865–1936)

Peter P. Bilhorn, 1922; some hymnals show the author as Irene Durfee, Bilhorn’s pseudonym.

Durfee W. Stillman Martin (🔊 pdf nwc).

W. Stillman Martin (1862–1935)

O love surpassing human love,
The love divine for sinners lost;
In love God gave His only Son,
His shameful death salvation’s cost.


O blessèd Savior, by Thy pain,
The sinner reaps eternal gain.

God loved us when we would not have
His blessèd Son to be our Lord;
And freely, fully He forgave,
When we believed His holy Word.


The Son of God in wondrous love,
On Calv’ry’s cross was slain for me;
He paid my debt, He bore my load,
In His own body on the tree.