God is a spirit.@John 4:24
Johann S. C. Welhaven (1807–1873)

Johann S. C. Welhaven, in En Digtsamling, 1859 (Aanders Herre, du skal raade for de Skatte du mig gav); translated from Norwegian to English by George T. Rygh (1860–1942).

Lord of Spirits Friedrich A. Reissiger (1809–1883) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Friedrich A. Reissiger (1809–1883)

Lord of spirits, I surrender
For Thy use Thy gifts to me:
O but show Thy mercy tender
When my song no more shall be;
More and more my heart’s aflutter
With the thoughts I may not utter,
While life’s riddle great I ponder.

Let my laurels in oblivion
Turn to dust, I shall rejoice
If my soul, renewed, is given
There to sing with sacred voice,
If, in accents pure and glorious,
I may join the hymn victorious
At Thy throne to harps of Heaven.