The Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.@Matthew 18:11

John H. Sammis, in Epworth Praises, edited by Charles H. Gabriel (Chicago, Illinois: Epworth League, 1909), number 167.

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John H. Sammis (1846–1919)

What were we when mercy found us?
Captives unto death and sin;
Clouds and darkness closed around us,
All was hopeless night within.


We were lost, but Jesus found us,
Burst the bonds of death that bound us,
Wrapped the robe of grace around us,
And the heirs of glory crowned us.

What are we since mercy found us?
Blameless, spotless in His sight;
Sons and saints His Word has crowned us,
Called to walk with Him in light.


What we shall be? That’s a story
Never uttered, or expressed;
We shall see Him in His glory,
And be folded to His breast.