The Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.@Matthew 18:11
Henry L. Gilmour (1836–1920)

Henry L. Gilmour, in Songs of Joy and Gladness, by John R. Sweney, William Kirkpatrick et al. (Boston, Massachusetts: McDonald & Gill, 1885), number 221.

Kissimmee Henry L. Gilmour, 1885 (🔊 pdf nwc).

During one of the severe snowstorms that visited Colorado, a young man perished in sight of home. In his bewilderment he passed and re-passed his own cottage, to lie down and die almost in range with the light in the window which his young wife had placed there to guide him home. All alone she watched the long night through, listening in vain for the footsteps that would come no more; for long before the morning dawned the icy touch of death had stilled that warm, loving heart. The sad death was made still sadder by the fact that he was lost in sight of home.

How many wanderers from the Father’s house are lost in sight of home, in the full glare of the Gospel light! They have the open Bible, overflowing with its calls and promises, the faithful warnings from the sacred desk, the manifestations of God’s providence, all tending to direct their footsteps heavenward; and yet from all these they turn away, waiting for the more convenient season, and are lost, at last, in sight of the many mansions.

Henry Gilmour

Lost in sight of home, where loved ones
Watch the weary hours in vain,
Longing for familiar footsteps
That seem not to come again.


Haste, O haste! a Savior’s calling
Through the darkened mist of sin;
See, the Gospel light still flashes,
And invites the wanderer in.

Lost in sight of home, where mother
Fondly gazed upon her boy,
While with upturned eyes he’d revel
In her gleeful songs of joy.


Lost in sight of home, where Father
Waits to meet His wayward child;
Longs to welcome back and pardon,
Longs to see Him reconciled.


Lost in sight of home, where brother’s
Last good-bye still lingers dear;
And that sister’s kiss at parting
Brings to mind the falling tear.


Lost to many a friend and loved one,
Watching now in Heaven’s bright dome;
Lost while Jesus waits to welcome,
Lost, and lost in sight of home.