Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee.@Psalm 55:22

J. L. M. Young, in Soul Winning Songs, Part 1 (Chicago, Illinois: Peter Bilhorn, 1896), number 49.

Hayward Peter P. Bilhorn, 1896 (🔊 pdf nwc).

[Look to Jesus] was the advice of a Sabbath school teacher to a class of boys, in Mendota, Illinois, among whom was P. P. Bilhorn, then about six years old. In less than a year he had occasion to test this advice, as he came near to death. He was carried away in a rushing torrent from a cloud burst. All efforts to save himself were in vain, as the grass and weeds, which he caught, gave way to the flood. Helpless, he then lifted his hands and heart to Jesus, and was saved. Two men, on a bridge below, under which the current was rushing, reached down, caught the uplifted hands and drew him out. None too soon, for he lay unconscious for two long hours. An Irish sailor worked over him till the lungs were emptied of water and respiration restored. The following hymn is written in memory of that event, as an exhortation to every soul in trouble, to look to Him who is Mighty to save.

Peter Bilhorn

Peter P. Bilhorn (1865–1936)

Look to Jesus, when in trouble,
Let Him always for thee care;
Cast thy burden on the Savior
All thy griefs He came to bear.


Look to Jesus! look to Jesus!
See Him hanging on the tree!
Through His death, He came to save us;
See Him dying there for thee!

Look to Jesus, when the billows
Rush o’er thee, a mighty wave;
Lift thy hand and soul to Heaven,
Christ Himself will quickly save.


Look to Jesus, when temptations
Lure thee from the narrow road,
Touched with all thy human feelings,
He will bear thy heavy load.


Look to Jesus, when in trouble,
When by sin and sorrow pressed;
Don’t reject His precious promise,
Come to Me, I’ll give thee rest.