It pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He hath put Him to grief.@Isaiah 53:10
Tobias Clausnitzer (1619–1684)

Tobias Clausnitzer, Passions-Blume (Nuremberg, Germany: 1662), page 17 (Jesu dein betrübtes Leiden); translated from German to English by Arthur T. Russell, Psalms and Hymns (Cambridge, England: John Deighton, 1851), number 84.

Herr Wie Du Bartholomäus Helder (1585–1635) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lord Jesu! may Thy grief and pain,
May all Thy tribulation,
For ever in my sight remain,
My constant contemplation.
So whilst I see Thee crucified,
I for Thy sake will sin avoid,
On Thee my thoughts reposing.

Lo! to our world of misery
Thou from Thy throne descendest!
Stripes, scorn, disgrace, Thou tak’st on Thee!
Life on the cross Thou endest!
A refuge for our souls to make,
And that our trespass, for Thy sake,
With God may be atonèd.

Lord Jesu! may Thy grief and pain—
May all Thy bitter anguish
My refuge be, my soul sustain,
When at the last I languish.
Oh grant that through Thy death I may
In peace conclude life’s sorrowing day:
Bless my departure.